Nuances of White Grey and Blue

                            For Chamber Ensemble
   Celesta + keyboard with 1/4 and 1/8 tone Celesta software + sustain
                             pedal+ speaker
 2 Mezzo Soprane + 2 Iphones + 1 medium music box and 1 small music box
                          1 Percussion player:
 Vibraphone, Timpani, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, China Cymbal, 4 Wood
  blocks (1 high, 2 high medium, 3 medium, 4 medium low), Chimes Low Eb
                 Mallets, Bow for Vib., Superball mallet
                               Contra Bass
                     - Duration aprox. 20 minutes -

'Nuance' is commissioned by Njord Festival 2021 and to be premiered the 29th of January 2021 in Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen

Nuance is a tribute to Mark Rothko and Morton Feldman who in their own personal way spent their life working with colour as the narrative itself. Not as an escape but as a way forward, a way into colour, an opening towards possibilities of inner nuances, transformations and iterations – To find endless movement and expansion in the smallest noticeable change of colour.

This aspect of almost hidden movements residing the oblique surface of Rothko's and Feldman's almost anonymous and unitarian expression is such a beautiful lesson to us all. Pay close attention and get rewarded by the sheer life in the smallest things around you.

By standing completely still the whole world seems to be ever moving and even a wooden kitchen table will reveal incredible depths of colour and detail.


'Nuance' are composed of 9 gazes at the colours Blue, Grey and White.


Kristian Rymkier
14th of December, Copenhagen 2020.




Nuance - 9 gazes on Blue, Grey and White