"Chambres d'Èclats"

Sinfonietta + electronics
Premiered by Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen 



 Voices - Viola - Celeste - Percussion



"Eclats Nordiques "

Premiered by Pianist Erik Kaltoft


"The Artist and composer Kristian Rymkier"

TV - Special on DK4


"Research with Arne Bock Augmented Reality and 3D music  "
six months of research at CNS in Paris

An Underwater tribute to the victims of the Sea

 Vandet fortæller - En aften i og om vand

 Readings by Neal A.C. Thing and with underwater music

Funded by the Danish Art Council

Recording "Les Champs" in 3D


Funded by the Danish Art Council


"OpenDays 2017 - Modern Music Festival "

 Fable of a sleeping pony - 14 Pensées sans tête
Premiered by Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen and MGK Aalborg


"3D Concert - Parc Villa Borghese "


Unstable periodic orbits in human epileptic activity,

Les Champs - La fondation Danoise,

Hosted by Accademia di Danimarca - Headphones SilentDisco-Paris

Proust and Satie
  Lecture - Debate - Music 
A display of my newest re-compositions of Satie

  -  in conversation with the danish Professor Neal Ashley Conrad



"Researching the advanced orchestration of Giacinto Scelci "
Two months of research at the Fondazione Isabella Scelci in Rome

-  and the Danish Institute




"Trois Profs, Prove le Parfait"

Sinfonietta + electronics
Premiered by Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen on Klang-Festival

Theory of Movements

   Preparation, research and development

  a new music system based on movements between objects.



an evening with Kristian Rymkier
A display of my newest works and findings

  -  in conversation with the danish association of artists



"La Fête au Cité Universitaire"
a concert presenting Kristian Rymkier
in the salon of the Danish House in Paris


Concert de la musique  3D”                         -                   -

      _______________________________  head phones


                                                “Tirer sur tout ce qui bouche



                                 “Mon Gypédie”         
                                                     _______________________________ Piano

Mécanique v. 2

Flute - Clarinet - Oboe - Bassoon - Horn
Modern Music Festival in Ljubljiana Slovenia
performed by "ensemble Slowind"


 La Fondation Danoise – Les Champs
Composed for the re-opening of the

Maison Fondation Danoise at Cité Universitaire de Paris.
Visited and attended by Her Royal Highness
Princesse Marie of Denmark.


Livets gyngende bro
Sound Installations and electronics
cooperation Åsa Frankenberg (light artist)
Culture night Copenhagen 2014
Cathedral of Grundtvig.


Waves & Vessels in a bottle
Performed by Grup Instrumental de Valençia

Premiered at El Teatro Principal, Valencia, Spain.



Flute – Clarinet – Oboe – Bassoon – Horn
Workshop with ensemble “Slowind”.



Et brev
Piano - String Quartet - 3 Clarinets
Pulsar 2014 Festival of moderne music Copenhagen.



Im Verhältnis 1:2
Organ - Accordion - electronic
For the debut-exam of Babette Hartmann - organ;
Bjarke Mogensen - accordion; and Rymkier - electronics.




Talea in Fa
Premiered at Sankt. Petri Church, Copenhagen




Sous forme de points
Piano - Violin - Violoncello
Winner of the composition competition “The Idea of the North”
at festival Ensems de Valencia, Spain.



         5 Sound Installations



The Car and The Egg – What came first?
Sound Installation
At museum Gammel Holtegaard.



Selv små idéer skal jo I børnehave

Voice - Flute - Violin - Guitar - Bas – Percussion
Premiered at museum Charlottenborg.



Second project with DKDM and RMC, arrangement of 2 songs
for Orchestra, combined with my piece: “Kolorit".
 Composers Maylan Rüsti; Marc Roland Hansen;  Rymkier.


Find Høffding among goods and gold
 Binaural headphone-exhibition
Pulsar 2010: 3D-exhibition in collaboration with
Microphone Company “GRAS Sound and Vibration”.



 Electronic - Piano - String Orchestra
This piece is electronically played and was recorded by
“The Danish Radio Entertainment Orchestra”.




blAndt Andens mAnglende utræ(g)enighed
Premiered and performed by professor Hans Fagius.







Stjernen I Åer går via vandpytter til vandløb
 Orchestra – Rock/Jazz band
performed by students from DKDM and RMC .




Guitar Quartet
Pulsar Festival 2009, performed by students from DKDM


Corona Guitar Quartet
Premiered at museum Gammel Holtegaard.
Co-Producer - First exposition of M.C Escher in Denmark





"Reviewing the view from nowhere
Suite for Guitar
Performed by Mikkel Andersen,
Premiered at Kunstbygningen in Vrå.



Repeated Vacuum Reappearing
Esbjerg Ensemble.